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Filing for bankruptcy is never ideal, at The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C., we understand that which is why each bankruptcy attorney on our staff approaches your case with sensitivity and respect to gain you the results you desire. We work quickly and efficiently to settle all your financial needs to get your funds back on track and help you rebuild to secure your future.

Many people think that they can no longer file bankruptcy since the bankruptcy law changed in October of 2005. That is not true. The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C., continues to file all types of bankruptcy, including:

By filing for bankruptcy protection, our bankruptcy lawyers can put an immediate stop to home foreclosures, car repossession, wage garnishment, and threatening phone calls. By eliminating or reducing credit card debt, medical debt, payday loans, and other types of unsecured debt, filing bankruptcy can help you get back on your feet financially. Our lawyers also provide non-bankruptcy alternatives to help businesses and individuals resolve debt issues.

How the New Bankruptcy Law Affects You

Some people who have higher earnings will no longer be allowed to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will instead have to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, which is essentially a debt repayment plan. All debtors will also be required to get credit counseling before they can file bankruptcy case.

The new bankruptcy law imposes new requirements on bankruptcy lawyers, and as a result many attorneys no longer provide bankruptcy services.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys

The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C., has represented individuals and commercial clients in bankruptcy proceedings and our attorneys are well-versed in all requirements of the new bankruptcy law.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing a broad range of clients, including debtors, creditors, lenders, creditors' committees, potential acquirers, investors, turnaround professionals and asset purchasers. We also advise financially troubled businesses and individuals.

Don't try to pull yourself out of bankruptcy alone. Contact one of our attentive and professional bankruptcy lawyers today who can guide you towards rebuilding your financial security quickly and correctly. If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney to provide you with sound advice and full knowledge of both individual and corporate bankruptcy filing, contact us today at The Law Offices of Georgette Miller, Esq., P.C. We are available to service NJ including Cherry Hill NJ, as well as Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE.